Thursday, 25 April 2013

HR 4.5 Fun Run!

First of all before I launch into my major excitement about my first race! Just a quick apology...I wanted to update my blog more regularly than I have been, but since I've been back at school with my blog for the first time I have found it hard to update when I want to. BUT do not fear Sarah is here to save the day... or in other words make a plan so I can fit it in with the joy that are exams hahaa. Anyway apology over with (I hope you forgive me :P) onto the HR4.5!
So last Wednesday (17/04/2013) I took part in our college's FUN RUN called the HR4.5 (very imaginatively named as our college is called Hills Road and it's 4.5K hahaa). Usually I'm not much of a runner in fact I always seem to be trying to get out of running but I thought it was time to experience a charity run :) I didn't do much training just a run here and there over Easter so I at least felt a little fitter hehee but I knew I definitely wouldn't be running the whole thing with the little time I had after I signed up. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Chi Chi London Wishlist.

So recently I discovered a lovely dress brand called Chi Chi London (You can check out their website here ). They sell a range of luxury dresses that are perfect for any event and season at very reasonable prices so you are bound to fall in love with at least one...or a lot more in my case! When I found out etailPR had a competition to win £200 worth of vouchers to spend on my long wish list of dresses I got a little...VERY excited! (YOU can enter too all the details can be found here

I have chosen a dress from each of the sections on the website so I hope you enjoy looking through my wish list and I would love to see yours! (Tweet me your wish list!)
Bandage Dress - Jacinta Dress £119.99 (
The first section on the website is the Bandage Dresses which are not the sort of dresses I would usually go for but I really like the design on this dress. I love the sweeping pattern which makes it such a statement piece for any wardrobe. I also love the monochrome colour scheme and think it would look so cute with a pair of black heels for all those summer parties!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

B. Precise Gel Eyeliner.

I have always had trouble applying eyeliner because I always seem to end up with a wonky line or its too thick and it just never seemed to work for me. When I spoke to a couple of people about this gel eyeliner kept coming up but I just never got round to purchasing any. A few days ago I came across this brand called B. which I think is exclusive to Superdrug and ohmygoshhh I have finally been saved from my eyeliner dilemma I LOVE this product! The branding of the products is very nice with the simple 'B.' logo and a smart black box, which instantly made me hope their products would be just as good quality. I purchased their B. Precise Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate (they also do black but I prefer brown eyeliners as they are more natural against by dark blonde hair) and it was £4.99 on offer (usually £6.99) which is such a good deal as it works so well.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

5FAV...Nail Varnish.

Hi There :)
For my second post I though I would start a series where I list my 5 favourites of something. It could be anything from socks to beaches! Sooo here it is the first '5FAV' post! I thought I would start with nail varnishes as I have so many that I love but there are a few that stand out for me! This '5FAV' will be updated throughout the year but at the moment these are my favourites.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Inside My Make Up Bag.

Hi there!
Welcome to my first beauty blog post (how exciting!). For my first post I thought I would let you have a little peek inside my makeup bag as it is a key part of beauty routine. I took these photos in the summer so my makeup bag has changed a little but I still love all these products. I like to mix up my routine when I find new products I love or get bored of the old ones. I hope you enjoy :)


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Hi There!

Hi there!
I'm Sarah and welcome to my humble abode a.k.a. my blog :) I will be posting about the 'little gems' of my life so mainly lifestyle, fashion, beauty and crafty things which are just the icing on the cake to life hehee.
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and that you may even be a little inspired by them :)
P.S. The photo of me was taken by the lovely Alexandra Farzad Photography. You can check out her Facebook page here