Friday, 12 April 2013

Fun on the Farm...Wimpole Estate.



Today I took a lovely but very rainy trip to Wimpole Estate, which is a beautiful National Trust property just outside of Cambridge. I was really looking forward to visiting the home farm as I knew there would be lots of lambs at this time of year and I wasn't disappointed they were EVERYWHERE! Most of them were inside as they had only just been born but a few of the older ones had ventured into the very wet fields. Before visiting the lambs we went to see the pigs. My favourite were the Berkshire ones which you can see pictured above all sleeping in a line (how adorable!). They all seemed very chilled but when we came for feeding time they were practically jumping out of their pens with excitement! Above is one of the pigs in the pen that was last to be fed and he definitely did not wait patiently! We then left the pigs and moved onto the cows to attempt to get a bit of peace and quiet we found some very cute cows with calves sheltering from the torrential rain which was refusing to stop! (I love how the black nose, eyes and ears stand out so much against the white cow pictured above). The rain may have been boring for the cows but there was one animal that was loving it and that was the ducks! (Nice weather for ducks as they say hahaa) They had lots of different ducks mainly ones that produced eggs for the café but there were also some more unusual ones like the very pretty, but slightly odd shaped one above. As we weren't enjoying the weather as much as the ducks we escaped the rain and went to the café which served some very yummy soup as well as some rather naughty flapjack, which I really enjoyed!
Despite the weather I had a really lovely day. It was so nice to see all the baby animals and even if it isn't quite the spring we were expecting it is lovely to see all the young animals doing so well. I would loved to have seen a bit more colour from the flowers but due to the horrible weather we have been having there were only a few daffodils which had dared to come out!
Where do you love to visit in the spring?


  1. Aww, love all the adorable animals! The photos are great- looks like such a fun locale! xo


    1. Awhh thank you :D they were so cute hehee