Sunday, 2 March 2014

#40acts ...Lent With A Twist!

Hello everyone, hope you are well!
Today I thought I would share with you something very exciting happening which starts in the next few days (whilst also showing you my creativity of the day in the form of my own little logo!). It is something I recently signed up to and so can you, (I will put a link at the end) called '40acts'. It is basically where along with giving up whatever you choose, or in my case don't always choose, to give up for lent you also give back, do good and give generously each day.
It looks like such an amazing opportunity because each day over lent they pop an email in your inbox with a challenge to help you achieve your 40 acts. They don't give much away on their website as to the challenges but there is definitely cupcakes involved so no one's really complaining! You can share your acts on their twitter and instagram and also have a nosey at what other people involved have done.
If you do get involved then let me know as I am going to try my hardest to blog my way through the 40 acts to maybe inspire you to try some yourself. I hope to blog every 2/3 days with updates on how it is going and what I am loving about the different tasks as well as the challenging bits...well they are challenges after all!
Here is a link to get involved, it is going to be SO much fun!

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